A Full Guide for Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles 2022

Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles

When most people think of renovating their home, one of the first things they usually prioritize is the bathroom. After all, it’s one of the most used rooms in the house and it can make the whole house feel dated and worn if it’s not up to par. Not to mention, if you’re looking to sell your home, potential buyers will definitely take notice of an outdated bathroom.
In fact, according to a survey done by Houzz, 59% of respondents said they would be willing to pay more for a home with a newly renovated bathroom. Why wait to renovate your bathroom until you’re planning on selling your home? If you’re thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the Houzz survey, 59% of respondents said they would be willing to pay more for a home with a newly renovated bathroom.
Because bathrooms are places that get a lot of use on a daily basis, they often start to show signs of wear and tear after a few years. Water-stained vanities, cracked tiles, and mold or mildew are all common problems.
Fortunately, a bathroom remodel is a reasonably quick and straightforward project, as long as you’re prepared with a scope & budget and a quality contractor who shares your vision. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. Read on for a detailed explanation of each aspect of the project, as well as the average bathroom remodel costs in Los Angeles. This way, you can budget accordingly and have a better idea of what to expect.

Bathroom Remodeling Costs & Tips For Los Angeles Area

Bathroom remodels in Los Angeles typically cost between $15,000 and $60,000. Several factors can affect the total cost of your project, including the size of your bathroom, the materials you select, the complexity of the project, the experience of your contractor, and other factors.
When budgeting for a bathroom remodel, it’s important to consider all the different expenses that will go into the project. These include items like floor tile, shower tile, the vanity, shower doors, the tub, sinks, faucets, and shower and tub fixtures. In some cases, the contractor may cover the cost of some of these items, while the homeowner is responsible for others. It’s important to understand the breakdown of these costs before choosing a contractor, as it can make a big difference in the estimates you receive.
There are a few things that tend to add up when it comes to bathroom remodel cost. Some of the more significant expenses include tile, vanities, stand-alone tubs, and plumbing fixtures.
If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles, it’s important to have a realistic understanding of the costs involved. Here’s a guide to help you predict how much you’ll need to budget for your project. The main variables are:

Size- The size of your bathroom is determined by the number of bathroom fixtures and the room’s square footage. This will have an impact on the overall cost of the project.

Finish level Whether you’re looking for budget, luxury, or something in between, we have all the materials, fixtures and finishes you need for your renovation.

Scope When you’re renovating your home, are you just changing fixtures and finishes, or are you making more significant changes like moving walls and utilities or adding a new bathroom?

Services Are you only looking for construction work, or do you need professional design or architecture services as well?
Bathroom renovations can be a big project, but they don’t have to break the bank. The cost of renovating a bathroom can vary depending on the size of the bathroom, the location of the bathroom, and the type of renovation you would like to do. For a full renovation (without layout changes) of a standard full bathroom, with basic general contracting services, you can expect starting costs for your project to be around $10,000 in Los Angeles:


Full bathroom renovation costs: Starting at $18,000 Mid-grade full bathroom renovation costs: Starting at $28,500 High-end full bathroom renovation costs: Starting at $40,500
Size: The dimensions of your bathroom will affect how much it costs to remodel in Los Angeles
When you’re planning a bathroom renovation, it’s easy to assume that the larger the bathroom, the more expensive the project will be. But that’s not always true. What really matters isn’t the size of the room, but the fixtures and finishes you select. More plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, showers, and toilets, will increased the cost of the renovation. Here’s how you can think about sizing up your bathroom remodeling project:

Half bathrooms- most half bathrooms, also called powder rooms, only have a sink and a toilet. The typical fixture count for a half bath is 1-2.

Full bathrooms- a full bathroom usually has a sink, toilet, and bathtub or shower. The typical fixture count for a full bath is 3-4. This means that, on average, a full bathroom will have a sink, toilet, and either a bathtub or a shower.

Primary bathrooms also called as master bathrooms, it’s usually have a generous vanity area with two sinks, with a toilet and a bathtub or shower. The typical fixture count for a primary bath which is 4-5.

Deluxe primary bathrooms- Usually have two sinks and an extended vanity with an extra-large shower or a shower and separate bathtub, and a toilet, which may be enclosed separately. The typical fixture count for a deluxe primary bathroom is 5+.

For any size bathroom, an extensive variety of bathroom installations is accessible, from budget to ultra-extravagance. Your style inclination, budget, and the space’s size will decide the set-up of installations required, including a sink, vanity, spigot, latrine, shower head, bath, and embellishments. The low finish of installations for a little bathroom is $1,500, and installations can run upwards of $15,000.

Finish level: How bathroom design affects on remodeling costs in Los Angeles

Finish level alludes to the overall quality and price level of fixtures, materials, and completions. These incorporate wall medicines, vanity materials and creation, flooring decisions, and the brands and models of sinks, spigots, and fixtures you pick. The higher the completion level, the quicker your costs will increment.

  • Budget finish: Budget materials are by and large off-the-rack things from “big box” stores or IKEA. This incorporates stock vanities; different tiles under $5/square foot like Pergo and Daltile; and fixtures by Delta, Moen, and Pfister.

  • Mid-grade finish: Mid-grade materials offset cost productivity with material quality. This incorporates vanities by Configuration House, Fresca, and Mark Equipment; tile by TileBar; and fixtures by American Norm, Hansgrohe, and Kohler.

  • High-end finish: Top of the line materials take quality and craftsmanship above norm, and this classification presents custom work. This incorporates tiles by Clé Tile, Ann Sacks, and Imaginative Tile; vanities by Duravit, Robern, and DXV; and fixtures by Kallista and Brizo.

  • Luxury finish: Luxury implies the sky’s the breaking point, where customization, craftsmanship and materials genuinely do an amazing job. Think brands like Lefroy Creeks, THG Paris, and Samuel Heath.

Scope: Rip-and-replace vs. gut bathroom renovation in Los Angeles

Project scope refers to the requirements of the project and can have implications on the time and effort required to complete the project. We divide scope into the following broad categories (when a contractor prepares an estimate for your renovation, it will be much more detailed:
Full renovation (also called “rip-and-replace”) A full renovation, in most cases, means that we are replacing the entire room with a new room. Usually, this is done by a general contractor, but other options exist as well.
Gut renovation For gut renovations, you will be removing or rerouting plumbing lines, switching out plumbing fixtures and wiring, and generally stripping the room to the studs to make it structurally sound. This kind of transformational project will require professional design and architectural services,  permitting, and licensed general contractors, which ensures the work is done safely and to code.

Services: How bathroom remodeling services affect costs in the Los Angeles area.

Some of the main services attending to your bathroom renovation include the following: façade services, sink and faucet services, vanity repair services, and bathroom renovations.

Build service with a general contractor

Build service would incorporate destruction and development services, and would be done by your general contractor. A few general contractors are viewed as build-just firms, and that implies that they don’t offer full proficient plan. Indeed, inside the build-just class, there are a scope of various service contributions a contractor could furnish — some will stringently work with completed plans from an expert fashioner, some will work with you to do the vision you consider, and others are more ready to present inventive ideas and guidance on material and installation decisions, or even harsh representations for spatial layout.A mix of service level, insight, and things like firm size and above could all add to how serious a contractor’s estimating is. We generally prescribe to interface with a couple contractors to get a handle on what level of service best suits you.

Design service with an architect or interior designer

Design service can be separated into innovative design and specialized design. For innovative design service, which is quite often discretionary, you’ll work with an architect or interior designer to reconsider the space. This additional layer of service will generally cost between 10-20% of your development budget, contingent upon the degree of service remembered for your design bundle (however, not all organizations decide their expenses in light of cost of development — some might charge a level charge in view of venture scope and anticipated length, for instance). In this way, for a $40,000 bathroom redesign, you could hope to pay your architect or designer $4,000 to $8,000.Technical design mastery is required as an architect (or here and there primary specialist) for projects like stomach remodels where allowing is required. Their principal job is to guarantee that the task is done securely and to code.

Bathroom Layout

The most efficient and cost-effective options are to remodel the bathroom and replace the major items in the same location – toilet, vanity, shower, tub.  Removing these likely means increased costs from re-routing water and waste lines, reframing the space, and removing and installing new electrical, lighting, exhaust, HVAC vents, etc.

If you want to change the setup and move parts like a toilet, shower, and so on, you can expect the bathroom redesign expenses to increment. One major expense factor is moving the channels and waste lines that serve these bathroom parts. In the event that the bathroom is on the subsequent floor or on a raised establishment, the costs will be lower than if the bathroom is on a chunk establishment, which requires cutting into the substantial.

Moreover, bathroom plumbing requires vertical vent pipes that run the entire way to the rooftop to vent sewer gases. In some cases these lines should be re-introduced or rerouted relying upon the new bathroom design, adding to the expenses. Migrating things in the bathroom surely adds to the expense of labor, and barely to the expense of materials.


Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles Vanity

With regards to most bathroom redesigns, mortgage holders generally have two vanity choices. The cheaper choice is a pre-created vanity, which comes in standard aspects and can be bought at neighborhood supply stores (IKEA, Home Terminal, and so on). Some accompany a ledge previously introduced, while others come without a ledge and you should purchase a pre-fab ledge to match the size. Pre-fab ledges are generally the more affordable choice.

Prefab vanities generally come in single-sink sizes like 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″ widths or as a twofold sink vanity in 60″ and 72″. Prices for pre-fab vanities generally range from $300-$2,000. In the event that you’re looking for a particular wood or color for your vanity, you might need to pick a custom choice, which will be manufactured for you by a nearby bureau manufacturer.

Homeowners seeking higher-end looks, custom-designed cabinets, or a vanity larger than 6 feet will would likely want to use custom cabinets.

You will likewise have to choose a custom ledge for this vanity that will be manufactured from a section of marble, quartz, granite, and so on. At the very least, a custom vanity will cost significantly more than a pre-fab vanity. Pleasant custom vanities generally start at $2,000 and go up from that point. The primary consideration in this cost is the amount of work that needs to be done in order to create a unique and stylish vanity for your home.

There are a few more things worth discussing with your contractor to ensure you’ll get your desired result:
  1. In a custom vanity, make sure you like the proposed sink locations, so they don´t feel very close to the wall or very close to each other.
  2. If you have a very long vanity, inquire whether the countertop will have a visible ‘seam’ where two pieces of slab come together. If so, make sure the countertop is of a high quality so that the seams don’t show.
  3. Inform the contractor how the vanity knobs/pulls should be installed, and if they should be installed vertically or horizontally.
  4. Instruct the contractor if you expect to add vanity features like custom drawers, pull-out shelves, or soft-close doors & drawers
  5. Inform the contractor if you want the vanity to be built to sit on the deck or floating on the wall.


Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles-ShowerThe shower is a substantial portion of your bathroom renovating costs, yet it can range from sensibly cheap to extravagant. On the cheap side, one would use a pre-fab shower encompass made of fiberglass as opposed to using tile. A shower encompass is accessible for a stand-alone shower or a shower/shower combo. This material is regularly utilized in condos or investment properties. This choice can frequently be introduced for $1,000 or less.

To make a better quality look and feel, most mortgage holders use tile on the shower walls. Tile is costly on the grounds that it’s exceptionally labor-concentrated to introduce. Thus, no matter what the expense of the actual tile (which can positively be costly), this frequently turns into a substantial expense of the undertaking. The more modest the tiles, the more labor cost is engaged with the establishment interaction. Notwithstanding shower walls, one must likewise consider the shower floor.

Once more, there are two choices here. The less expensive choice is a fiberglass shower pan and the more alluring choice is to utilize tile. The shower walls and floor likewise require the establishment of a patron board and a ‘hot-mop’ as waterproofing under the tile, which adds another expense in this category.

The shower is many times a major point of convergence of any bathroom, so getting this right with your contractor is important. Most importantly, know that tilework is an extremely talented exchange and just experienced tile installers have the experience to do this right. Workers without the right abilities can undoubtedly destroy a shower with warped, lopsided, or poorly grouted tile work. Thus, check the tile work consistently while it’s underway.

Additionally, try to be clear with your contractor about the specific example and design you want, ie. will the tile be horizontal or vertical, will it run the entire way to the roof, what color do you want the grout, and how might the uncovered tile edges look, and so forth. On the off chance that you’re planning to utilize marble or other normal material, ask the tile retailer for any particular establishment necessities. At long last, make sure to examine whether you want a ‘seat’ in your shower, the size of the seat size, and the material you want to use there.


Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles ButhtubFew out of every odd bathroom these days should incorporate a bathtub, yet it’s an unquestionable requirement in an optional (youngster’s) bathroom and a customary component in a luxury main bathroom. In an optional bathroom, it is probably going to be coordinated into a shower/tub combo and shouldn’t substantially build the bathroom redesign costs. A bathtub of this size is probably going to cost between $300-$800 and can come in porcelain, fiberglass, metal, and so forth.

On the other hand, in a main bathroom, a stand-alone bathtub will be significantly more costly. One choice that is well known is a freestanding or clawfoot style tub which could be fired, fiberglass, cast iron, and so on. Another choice is a drop-in style tub which requires the development of an outlined platform to fit inside. One way or the other, anticipate that this should be a substantial piece of your budget to take care of the expense of the tub, any encompassing tile, running water supply and channel lines to the area, and the expense of the tub equipment.

A couple of tips to consider while planning for a bathtub. In the event that you’re doing a freestanding tub, ensure any close by walls are tiled to shield these regions from water sprinkling. Likewise, buy the tub from the get-go simultaneously so your contractor has the specific aspects to correctly find the tub channel and tub fixture. In the event that you’re utilizing a wall-mounted tub spigot, examine precisely the way in which far it will reach out over the tub.

Last, attempt to find the tub so there are no regions behind it that could get wet and are too difficult to even think about coming to get dry. A couple of ways to get the most cost-effective bathtub are to find a freestanding tub that can be fired and to go with a drop-in style tub that requires the development of an outlined platform to fit inside the bathtub.

Floor & Wall Tile

Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles- Floor & Wall TileAs to flooring in the bathroom, tile is the most widely recognized choice as a waterproof surface. Different choices incorporate flooring or waterproof vinyl planks, yet the vast majority actually pick tile to accomplish the look they want. As examined in the shower segment, tile establishment is a costly piece of a bathroom redesign. How much floor tile could undoubtedly be more noteworthy than the sum in the shower, contingent upon the size of the bathroom. In elegant bathrooms, a few property holders are in any event, tiling portions of the bathroom walls, whether its ultimately depends on a specific level for a ‘cover’ look or a whole wall, floor to roof. As you can envision, this will add substantial time and increment the absolute bathroom rebuild cost.

Like different areas of tile, you’ll want to carefully guide your contractor with respect to the bearing and example you want the tile laid and the color of the grout. Likewise, make a point to examine how you want your grout lines to look; certain individuals want to accomplish a look with practically no grout lines appearing (called a ‘butt-joint’). Make sure to consider how you want the completed tile edges to look.

At long last, give your all to buy sufficient tile for your undertaking at the same time. In the event that you run out and have to rebuy a similar item, it’s conceivable the new bunch of tile will not precisely match the one you originally purchased.

This is a generally simple expense category to gauge. For floor tile, basically measure the whole element of your bathroom and take away the region that will house your shower/shower. For instance, a standard passage bathroom is 5ft x 8ft or 40 square feet. You can take away the shower/shower region (approx..12.5sf)… so you’ll require around 37.5sf of floor tile.

Continuously purchase 20% more than you really want for good measure. Rehash this computation for any walls that will require tile. When you have the expense for the tile materials, remember to add the contractor’s labor cost.

On the off chance that you’re not planning to utilize tile, different choices incorporate flooring, which is an affordable choice, or luxury vinyl plank, which seems to be a wood material yet is water-resistant.

Plumbing Fixtures

Shockingly, plumbing fixtures, which differ enormously in cost, could be a substantial detail in your budget too. In a bigger main bathroom redesign, you might require two fixtures, one or more showerheads, valves and handles, sinks, a tub spigot, and a latrine. Contingent upon the quality, design, and brand you pick, these parts together can undoubtedly approach $3,000 or more. Then again, on the off chance that you are not particular about plumbing fixtures, there are absolutely many savvy choices.



A great many people choose to update the lighting during their bathroom rebuild on the grounds that it’s obsolete. This means adding recessed lights in different regions and possibly decorator lighting like sconces or hanging lights over the vanity or tub. Assuming that you’re rolling out any improvements to the format of the bathroom, you’ll have to move or add electrical outlets and light switches.

At last, you ought to consider adding or supplanting the exhaust fan. These electrical changes might expect you to run another circuit from your fundamental panel to the bathroom to oblige these updated electrical parts. Electrical/lighting ought not be a significant part of your budget except if you’re buying costly designer lighting.

Inform your contractor right off the bat in the process precisely where you want your wall power source, light switches, and lights. In a perfect world, you can try and check where you want these situated on the wall or roof with some painter’s tape. On the off chance that a light should be fixated on something (or between two things), make certain to make that unmistakable to your contractor.

For sconce lights, there is no standard level, so recognize and stamp precisely where these lights ought to be held tight the wall. Incredibly, you’ll likewise have to explain which course sconces should be hung in light of the fact that they frequently get hung topsy turvy. I’d suggest taking a stab at getting a few sconces that will go all around the room and hang down in the corners, as opposed to just one or two in the center of the room. For overhead lights, you can even consider the utilization of decorative chandeliers ornaments.


Despite the fact that we’ve covered the major parts of the bathroom over, it’s worthwhile to talk about the extra, minor things that you’ll have to consider and remember for your bathroom rebuild costs.

Destruction is nothing you really want to contemplate, however you ought to anticipate that it should be a thing in your contractor’s gauge. Destruction requires weighty labor, moving the waste out of the house, and the expenses of transporting and dump charges. Ensure your contractor plans to safely seal the redesign region with the goal that a majority of residue doesn’t escape into the remainder of your home. Preferably, destruction ought to be finished in one day to restrict disturbance and commotion.

After all the weighty development, your new bathroom will require a speedy paint work. The contractor’s paint budget ought not be gigantic in light of the fact that the space is sensibly little. Nonetheless, remember this detail likewise incorporates planning and finishing the walls to make a completed surface for painting.

Albeit a drape pole and a shower shade will do the trick by and large, a great many people presently want a genuine shower door introduced. Contingent upon the size and design of your shower, you’ll either utilize an ‘off-the-rack’ door or require a custom size to be made. Anticipate that a shower door should cost between $1,000-$2,000 by and large.

Contingent upon the look you want and the amount of room you possess in your bathroom, you’ll want to think about either a swinging door or a sliding door on rollers.

The last contacts you’ll require are the mirror(s), vanity/bureau handles, towel racks, and bathroom tissue holder. It’s probable you will buy these things yourself, so measure your space cautiously to guarantee you are purchasing the fitting size fixtures. Additionally, as examined prior, consider stamping with tape precisely where you want every thing situated on the wall, so there is no disarray.